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In this episode of the Mental Notes Podcast, Mike and Nicole have an insightful conversation with artist, producer, mastering engineer and entrepreneur Paul Grundman. Paul shares his perspective on second chances in life, overcoming addiction, how changing perspective is important for growth and how hard work, marriage and becoming a father has changed his life. 

About Paul Grundman:

To say Paul Grundman is jack of all trades is an understatement. Paul is a multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, producer, mastering engineer, photographer, surfer, and innovator. Paul earned his licks working at Jackson Browne’s Groove Masters studio and then went on to running his own studio. He now works with his father at Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood, CA working with a wide range of talent and cultivating the best sound possible for each and every client. Last September he and his wife, Celeste, welcomed their first baby girl Ciel. Paul describes his baby girl as his life force and his wife and his true love and musical muse.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • (4:32) Surprising musical influences at 5 years old – Beach Boys, The Beatles & Kiss
  • (8:00) The difference between a 15 year old drummer & a 30 year old drummer
  • (13:25) The downfall of “Hey listen to my song on SoundCloud”
  • (18:40) Overcoming addiction & becoming the “Tony Robbins of Rock”
  • (24:57) Millennial’s downfall, the fear of rejection
  • (34:00) Honest intentions & stalking Jackson Browne
  • (46:00) Instagram life vs. real life contributes to depression
  • (51:30) What does ADD & the grocery store have in common? Answer: Interrupting people
  • (55:12) Connecting the emotional component to the music through mastering
  • (56:00) Music is 3% fun & 97% agony & pain
  • (56:30) How do you unplug? Find your surfing

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