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In this episode of the Mental Notes Podcast, Mike & Nicole speak with veteran producer, mixer, engineer Bill Smith. Bill shares the stories of his life unfolding from his beginnings in New York and making the leap out to Los Angeles. Bill reminds that overthinking things isn’t worth it, to appreciate the imperfections of life, and how a strong sense of self is his most valuable asset.

Special thanks to J.J. Blair & Fox Force Five Studios for recording this episode.

About Bill Smith:

Bill Smith is a recording engineer & producer with over thirty years experience in the music industry. He’s worked with YES, John Fogerty, Steve Lukather, Trevor Horn, Natalie Cole, George Benson, Queen Latifah and many more. He’s been  involved with numerous Gold, Platinum and both Grammy winning and Grammy nominated records and film soundtracks. Simultaneous to his own career he also spent eleven years as the personal recording assistant, co-engineer and Pro Tools operator to twenty-two time Grammy winning recording engineer, producer and industry legend Al Schmitt. Bill has an extensive and diverse background in rock, jazz, orchestral and big band recording. He has also with been involved with product and preset development for both the hardware and software versions of the Lexicon PCM96 and the TC Electronic M6000 Multi-channel Processor.


In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • (4:16) Didn’t choose music, it was the only thing that every attracted me.
  • (6:25) Enrolling in an audio course right out of college then ending up at Secret Sound 3 months later.
  • (11:46) What kinds of music Bill was working on? What was on the plate for that day.
  • (14:29) Capturing the moment in time, “that’s where god lives”.
  • (18:10) Making the move to Los Angeles. No plan, no job… a grand adventure.
  • (24:47) The root of Bill’s self confidence instilled by his dad.
  • (29:04) Living life every single day before it’s too late.
  • (35:40) How are your priorities different now than when you were 25?
  • (39:57) Working at Capitol Studios with Al Schmitt.
  • (43:27) How has life changed?
  • (46:19) What do you do to rebalance or unplug? Taking care of the house can be meditative.

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