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In this episode of the Mental Notes Podcast, Mike and Nicole sit down with audio professional, mixer/engineer and entrepreneur Alex Oana. Alex talks about his music industry journey out to the West Coast, the ups and downs of life and how being mindful of community and taking action despite fear has led him to his new entrepreneurial endeavor.

About Alex Oana:

Alex Oana created, designed, and developed the Slate Raven while he was Vice President of Slate companies. Alex is an award winning, veteran producer/engineer/mixer. He also served as front-of-house engineer for Pharrell Williams and Pharrell’s band N*E*R*D.  Alex helped countless pro audio buyers his sales and marketing role at Vintage King Audio. Alex is co-founder and CEO of Audio Test Kitchen, his new Tech Startup, currently deep in development mode. Alex also just happens to be one of the tallest, nicest, and most genuine people in pro audio today.


“This is advice to anybody who has a vision, a dream, an aspiration that they’re working on, it’s so simple. Open up your mouth and share your dream. Literally just tell someone.” -Alex Oana

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