Mission Statement

The Mental Notes Podcast is real, honest and unapologetically charming. Join Mike Bajrami & Nicole Slater as they let go of self limiting beliefs & learn how to live with purpose. They explore the ups and downs of the human experience, the creative process and what helps you get through the darker moments of life. Their goal is to provide insightful interviews, resources and real world techniques that you can use to live your best life. Find The Mental Notes Podcast on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher and Spotify.

How They Met


Mike Bajrami and Nicole Slater met each other in September 2017 at a Kyle Cease “Evolving Out Loud” seminar. They immediately realized that they shared a background within the music & entertainment industries and that they both made the leap into their own entrepreneurial endeavors. Their vibrational energy connected them in a state of flow that allowed the project to come together effortlessly. One week later they bought the URL and recorded their first episode which can be heard here.

They continue to work together closely to create the best possible podcast to answer one simple question – How do I step into purpose?

Mike Bajrami

My passion and desire to help others tap into their true potential drives me to create, market, and sell products that change lives and grow companies.

I’m dedicated to helping others overcome adversities by providing valuable insights,  inspirational stories and strategic solutions that can improve their mental, emotional and spiritual health.

My peers describe me as a creative visionary, tech entrepreneur and music industry consultant in artist development, label relations, production and sound design. In addition I am a music licensing and digital distribution specialist.

I believe in the power of podcasting as a platform to reach individuals all around the world. It is my hope that this podcast will inspire mental health awareness in the music industry by providing insider tips, real world techniques and unexpected stories from behind the curtain.

I want to inspire others to find their voice and create an impact on mental health awareness in the music industry and beyond.

With this podcast I feel that this is just the beginning of raising my voice in the spirit of the impact I want to have on others.

Nicole Slater

NicoleSlaterProfileI have always been a driven individual. From a young age I wanted to lead and inspire the masses. However, no one takes an 8 year old dictator seriously. Over the years I have learned to harness my energy into fruitful outlets. I run my own business as a marketing & branding consultant in the music industry. I am passionate about working with heart centered individuals and living a purpose driven life.

While that sounds good on paper, daily life can be challenging. I struggle with depression, anxiety, OCD and ADD. My purpose in life is having open conversations about mental health and reducing the stigma surrounding it. This podcast is creating a platform to communicate to listeners, “You are not alone, you have a purpose in life and our goal is to inspire you to live it.”

By sharing personal stories, interviewing industry insiders and unraveling the stigma of mental health in the music industry, I hope to entertain, educate and inspire our listeners.