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Genesis Sessions EP 3 – 3 Month Update

In the last installment of the pre-season, Mike and Nicole delve deep into their musical influences and discuss recent events that shifted their lives. Mike discusses his roots in the Golden Era of Hip Hop,... Read More
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Genesis Sessions EP 2 – 1 Month Update

Grab your space helmets everyone, it’s our 1 month update. We recorded it at 2am so it gets interesting. Following the most metaphysical weekend ever, Mike & Nicole discuss how to unplug, defining your old... Read More
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Genesis Sessions EP 1 – 1 Week Update

Our goal is to shed light on mental health, balance and wellness in the music industry. Hear the story of how we met, what inspired us to create this podcast and how it came together... Read More

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Facebook Live with Paul Grundman

We’re hanging out with Paul Grundman of Bernie Grundman Mastering in Hollywood. Paul takes us on a tour of the legendary mastering facility including a breakdown of the mid-century architecture & design, countless platinum records…

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